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Saison Winery

"Inspired by cycles of seasonal-transformation, Saison Winery cultivates, harvests, crafts, ages with deliberation Santa Cruz Mountain-vineyard's truest expressions. And we share our accomplishments with you again and again."

The Wine Club

Thanks for considering the Saison Winery Wine Club.

It is with great anticipation that we introduce the Saison Winery Allocation Membership. We strive to allocate our wine as fairly as possible based on loyalty and vintage availability. As a founding member you will have list seniority for our extremely limited production California single-vineyard wines as well as curated Burgundy selections

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Virtual Tasting

Mark Bright’s wine journey began at the age of 15 when he visited Burgundy, which became his expertise and influence on his winemaking style. He has brought his extensive knowledge of old-world wines to one of the most suitable wine-growing regions of the new world - The Santa Cruz Mountains.

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