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About Saison Winery

Saison Winery is an affiliate of the world famous Saison SF which is highly rated fine dining restaurant in San Francisco, California. Inspired by cycles of seasonal-transformation, Saison Winery carried the spirit of Saison and cultivates, harvests, crafts, ages with deliberation Santa Cruz Mountain-vineyard's truest expressions.


Hail from the Santa Cruz Mountain with over a century of vine cultivation, this rugged mountain region has once again come of the attention of many winemakers and wine connoisseurs alike.

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Lead by our winemaker/co-founder Mark Bright, our small team is dedicated to a world-class hospitality, reflective of our founding restaurant, Saison SF.

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Our Saison family is composed of Saison Winery, Saison Cellar, Saison Restaurant SF, Angler Restaurants SF & LA, and Saison Smokehouse.

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